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Remember to answer all questions truthfully.

    The Deluxe Bridal Appointment is at a cost and includes a 90-minute Bridal appointment and a further 30-minute afternoon tea to enjoy with your Bridal party. If you are interested, please ask for further information.

    Some Things To

    for the day of your appointment

    Some Things to remember for the day of your appointment.

    • Be ready to be spoilt and pampered we want your appointment to be exciting, stress free and enjoyable.

    • We will do our absolute best to find your dress for you and if we have not got the dress, you quite want in stock we will always go beyond to try and resource your unique dress, just for you.

    • On arriving at the Boutique, you will be given a pair of slippers (which you can take home), we ask you politely to wear the slippers in the shop (we hope you understand this is to protect the shop floor and the dresses).

    • On entering the shop please could everyone in your bridal party use the hand sanitiser provided on the wall (again this protects the dresses).

    • Please could you make me aware if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities (This will help on making your appointment more comfortable and accessible)?

    • Sam’s Bridal Boutique is a non-smoking premises, and we ask that no-one during your bridal appointment smokes or vapes inside or outside the shop.

    • Please note you will not be permitted to charge anything on the shop premises.

    • (i.e., phones, vapes or anything similar that requires plugging into an electrical point) as all our electrical goods need to be PAT assessed and anything else could be a fire hazard.

    • Please note you will not be allowed to take any photographs of any dresses in the shop or any pictures of anyone in any dresses. If you decide to buy the dress/es and the deposit has been paid photographs will then be permitted.

    • You may feel more comfortable in trying the dresses on if you have not had anything to eat or drink (water would be ok but drinks like tea, coffee, fizzy drinks etc could make you feel bloated) for at least 1-2 hours beforehand. Please do not starve yourself just a gentle reminder we want you to feel beautiful in the dresses you try on. Please remember we do offer food packages that you can enjoy after you have tried the dresses on.

    • We want to ensure you get the most amazing experience and our full attention on your appointment.

    • It would be helpful if you come in the underwear you are thinking of wearing on the special day or something similar.

    • If you have ordered a Bridal package that involves food, please let us know of any special dietary requirements or allergies at least 96 hours prior to your appointment.

    • Please could we also ask on your first appointment you do not wear any make-up or as little as possible so we can protect the dresses from any stains or marks. If you find a dress, on your next appointment you can come to our boutique with your hair and make-up completed yourself.

    • It might be helpful if you bring with you shoes you are wearing for the wedding (if you have already purchased them) or a pair of shoes that will be similar in heel height.

    • Finally, we cannot wait to meet you and your Bridal Party and help you find your, Stunning, Unique Bridesmaid dress.